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Canossa Hospital was established in 1929 when the site was donated by Mr. M.J.D. Stephens to Canossian Mission specifying its use to be a hospital.  Initially there were only 16 beds offering very limited hospital services.  During World War II, the hospital was heavily bombed because of its vicinity to the Government House in Upper Albert Road.  The hospital had to move to Caine Road and merge with the already existing St. Francis Hospital to continue its service for some time.  


After the war, the hospital resumed its services in No. 1 Old Peak Road. A new building was erected and opened in 1960.  An annex was built in 1974, housing the staff quarters and some support departments. Caritas Hong Kong took over the management of the hospital in 1991. In 2013, an extension was completed and was designated block A of the Hospital. The remaining old buildings were fully renovated in 2018 and were designated block B and C.


The Hong Kong Asia Heart Centre with its cardiac catheterization laboratory started its services in 2018.  Apart from coronary balloon angioplasties, more complicated procedures such as catheter ablation, electrophysiological study and structural heart intervention can also be performed with its state of art equipment and experienced cardiologists.  


We have upgraded all our services. The orthopaedic centre offers attractive joint replacement packages. The gamma knife centre is now using frameless stereotactic radiosurgery. There are various checkup packages provided in the health checkup centre. A high-end CT scanner and 3D mammographic instrument were installed. Our operation theatres can perform precision spinal surgeries using the 3-D C arm… to name only a few.


Canossa is accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Services which is an internationally recognized body for healthcare facilities accreditation. This has ensured that the hospital services are of international standards. In the third cycle of organization wide survey in June 2019, we were accredited again for another 4 years. The hospital was also awarded six extensive achievements in both clinical & non clinical areas.


Located at a convenient site in the mid-levels, the hospital offers high quality of medical services for the mid-levels population who prefers private medical care. The hospital will continuously tailor its services to meet the needs of the residents in its catchment areas.  


Dr. David Ho
Medical Superintendent 

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